Press Eugen Onegin

PRESS REVIEW- Eugen Onegin – Opera National de Montpellier – januar 2014

” It was a moment of powerful dramatic punctuation that underlined the wonderfully theatrical nature of this fine evening at the opera.”

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It is indeed a digital world that allows quick and easy recording and transmission of images and scenes of life around us, from all angles and in duplication and repetition. Here digital technology was used to add additional perspectives to what we could see from our seats. Intimate scenes were magnified onto the huge blank stage backdrop, the apartment as seen from above was projected onto the huge screen echoing what we could see from our seats, etc. These were direct dramatic motivations for use of multimedia and the achievement of rare theatrical integrity for the use of such technology. As a theater piece, really a theatrical installation based on Eugene Onegin it was conceptually elegant, masterfully directed, wonderfully witty and charmingly successful. While it may have been at cultural odds with the richly romantic voice of Pushkin it was easily comfortable with the broad and absolutely obvious emotional climate of Tchaikovsky’s genius if not this composer’s nineteenth century tonalities. All the scenes of acts I and II were run together. After the intermission four homeless looking dancers shoved a homeless looking Onegin around the stage to the music of the first polonaise. The second polonaise at a nouveau riche cocktail party brought the Opéra’s fine chorus into in a moving circle, their clicking heels forcing the Tchaikovsky polonaise to a halt. It was a moment of powerful dramatic punctuation that underlined the wonderfully theatrical nature of this fine evening at the opera (of which this account is but the tip of the iceberg). » –  Opera today 

“Onegin through a magnifying glass : Marie-Eve Signeyrole’s visions of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin peers at the characters through the walls of a community apartment. She brings a sharp eye that will need to be taken into account from now on. The director sticks to a line which, despite what could seam like a disloyalty to those advocating a certain tradition, never gets out of the way paved by Tchaikovsky, himself a faithful interpreter of Pushkin’s novel. A new leading figure to be followed within the so uneven landscape of lyric directors.”Altamusica

“ Relevant imagination : Marie-Eve Signeyrole delivers a striking and modern staging of the Russian opera “Eugene Onegin” by Tchaikovsky.

“Tchaikovsky in a community apartment : the young director’s precise work in directing the actors stands out. We are seduced by the performance’s visual as well as theatrical consistency. A name to be followed closely in the staging world.”Le Parisier – Le Parisien

“A first and a masterstroke ! Her transposition is dealt with brilliantly, an uncommon fact for such a young artist. So many things are outlined at the same time… And above all, bravo for the actor’s direction !”ODB

“The success of this work proposal lies above all in the message’s consistency that manages to make its way into the score. It also lies in the greatly precise and impressively creative work found in the actor’s direction.”Olyrix